Sunday, May 19, 2013


Am I the only one who gets this?  The problem with Blackberry is not just its devices nor its apps.  It's the whole concept.  Blackberry is dead.  Well, almost dead.  It's going to go the way of the Palm OS really soon if they don't figure out what's wrong.  What I mean is that Blackberry devices were cool for business once, but now that there are alternatives Blackberry should get out of the device and OS business and partner with Samsung, HTC, Apple, etc.  The can't keep up with the technology and maintain profitability.

My idea is that Blackberry should make an app for both platforms.  Locked, encrypted, remote manageable, and secure comms back to managed Blackberry servers.  This will win over business and end-users.  Some folks may be game to allow their IT department access to their device in its entirety, but I'm more for the segregated application.  I don't want my IT Dept. to see, hear or have access to any of my data except for what is theirs.  Many people don't know that the web browser is often configured to go through your companies proxy server.  Yep, that job search you did was logged. 

For now, I have the (almost) latest and greatest Blackberry device which goes unused.  I forward my calls to my personal phone, and email be dammed.  In return, I only have to carry one device and I get to do whatever it is I feel like doing with my phone and data plan.  If there was a Blackberry App, I would get a phone that I could use in everyday life, with popular apps, and my company still gets to keep me on their electronic email leash.  Plus, I would hope they would pay the monthly cost, saving me money in the long run. 

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