Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Iron Man 3

Saw Iron Man 3 This weekend.  I couldn't see Tony Stark played by any other actor than Robert Downey Jr.  Amazing performance by Ben Kingsley as well.  He almost stole the show. 

It's definitely worth going to see on the big screen; however, I think this movie missed most of what the audience wants to see.  Iron Man, the tech, the gadgets and the butt kicking.  Rather, you get a good amount of, 'who is Tony Stark', with a healthy of dose of psychoanalyzing of why he is who he is.   On second thought, it wasn't that deep.   There is a lot of comedic moments as well, which my wife and kids liked, but may irk purists.

Finally, he kicked butt when the Aliens invaded, but his suit seems to fall apart amazingly easily in this film.  I'm thinking that this is a reference to Tony Stark's state of mind, but maybe I'm giving too much credit.  Overall, it's worth a trip.  You will be entertained, and it's actually safe for the kids to watch.

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