Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lost and Found Facebook Groups for Okla. Tornado Victims

Lost and Found Facebook Groups for Okla. Tornado Victims

The devastating F5 tornado strike in Moore, Okla., flattened homes and ripped lives apart.  It also displaced possessions up to 100 miles or more away. In today's social media world, Facebook users across Moore and adjoining areas have created online pages and groups to share information of found items and pets.
Tulsa, Okla., resident Leslie Hagelberg lives roughly 100 miles from where the tornado touched down; however, debris personal possessions, photos and more from Moore rained down upon her yard.  She wanted to help get those possessions back to their owners.   To help the victims, Hagelberg created the Facebook group “OK Tornado Doc & Picture Recovery” which acts as an electronic lost and found, allowing users that have found items and pets to post images and information all in one place.

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Hagelberg got the idea to create a centralized online lost and found group after seeing similar posts spread out among different types of media, such as the local news and other Facebook pages. Hagelberg’s group currently has over 8,600 members.

“There have been so many posts of animals, pictures, even an urn,” the longtime Oklahoma resident said. Though Hagelberg was originally shocked that displaced belongings ended up I her yard, there have been reports from people even further away who have reported finding items.
“Some people have found things in Catoosa [about 125 miles from Moore]. I’ve even heard of things turning up in the Joplin area [over 200 miles from Moore],” said Hagelberg.

Please note, posting to the page is only allowed if you are approved, with Hagelberg acting as one of the groups administrators.

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