Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Thank God, another Mother's Day come and gone.  I really hate Hallmark holidays.  I hate being obligated to call my Mother, and slave over my wife all day.  I gave her what she gives me every Father's Day...nothing.  Still, it gave me a good reason to cook up some Applewood smoked bacon for breakfast...yummy!  Yes, I did make her breakfast in bed.  Organic bacon with no nitrates.   It's sad that I have to pay extra not to have antibiotics and hormones in my food.  That should be the standard, not something I have to pay extra for.  It's even more amazing how people get more upset at seeing Janet Jackson's covered nipple than they do about chemicals in the food.  I buy organic so my kids don't grow breasts from all the hormones...or me for that matter!

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