Monday, May 20, 2013

Phone Encryption

I haven't used this phone application, called SeeCrypt, but we need more like it.  No, I don't want terrorists to have free reign, but I do want freedom of information and speech.  With the Governments of the world tapping into email, phone and texts in the name of National Security...or simply control of their people, we need more checks against abuse.  For example, the recent scandal involving the Associate Press and the Department of Justice illegally accessing the phone records of AP reporters should send chills through everyone.  Even the Judicial Branch of Government has dropped the ball and rubber stamps electronic eavesdropping requests...if they see the request at all...instead of requiring some sort of, I don't know...evidence for example.  It costs £2 per month; however,
 I would personally prefer to buy the app outright and not have a service charge.

Here's the link to the full story on the app.

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