Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, Yahoo has bought out Tumblr for 1.1 BILLION Dollars.  Yes, Billion.  Personally, I think the site is priceless if you like photos of every kind.  However, with Yahoo buying it, how long before it's just a privacy stealing, censored advertising platform?   Plus, Yahoo only made $13 Million Dollars last year.  What's the interest payment on 1.1 Billion?  (Edit: Looks like 108 Billion just to cover its cost)

It is possible that, like YouTube, Yahoo can improve upon a good thing.  But frankly, corporations like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc., don't have a great track record when it comes to making popular sites better.  Tumblr has lots of NSFW material, objectionable material, and other stuff that is quite popular and all of it can be viewed without an account.  Yes, no logging in.  If Yahoo takes over I can guarantee that it will be censored, and require a log-in to view most of the material it hosts.  Personally, the Internet already knows too much about me without me having to log in for every group that I want to view.  

I could be wrong, but I'd say goodbye to Tumblr as we know it.  Question is, will its popularity go with it.

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