Friday, July 26, 2013

Android 4.3 - Choose Individual Permissions

The latest Android update has a hidden feature that will give users far more control over what access apps have to their data and hardware, by removing the all-or-nothing approach to access. The permission system controls the settings that say whether or not an app can access a specific feature or setting. These permissions include everything from finding your location, to preventing the screen from locking or even sending sms messages to your contacts automatically.

 As most of you know, Android shows you which “permissions” each app needs says it requires. Generally you have to either accept that or do without the application.

 This new, and frankly overdue, feature was discovered due to research by Android Police on the newly-released Android 4.3 operating system. Current testing show that it seems to work on apps that you've already installed as well as new installs, allowing you to browse the list of permissions and disable them individually as desired.

 For now, the app remains hidden since it’s still in a testing phase and it appears to have a few bugs/design issues that need to worked out. For example, you have to use the app once before the permission setting will show for that app.

 If you already have 4.3 installed you can try it out via the device settings or by downloading a new app that acts as a launcher for the hidden feature. Testing by Android Police’s Ron Amadeo showed that he was able to successfully stop Facebook from using location data without affecting any other Facebook functionality.

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