Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why You Need Kaspersky One

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     Cyber-crime is quite common these days and is affecting a large number of the digital devices we use every day.  In order to protect ourselves from cyber-crime  it is imperative that we keep our systems secure from viruses, malware and network intrusions, which can compromise our systems and data. 

     You can protect yourself by using a strong anti-virus software and a firewall, both of which are available individually; however, the best solution for most home users is software that combines both.   The combination of both anti-virus and firewall protection, provides a greater level of protection to your system than anti-virus alone, keeping them free from intrusions, viruses and malware.

     KasperskyONE Universal Security has revolutionized the protection of digital devices by providing a complete package to protect all your devices...Windows PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and Android Tablets.  It is the world’s premium multi-device protection software, packed with award winning technologies which provide high-level and effective security from all kinds of malware, viruses and potential intrusions into your network.

     Not all Internet Security software is created equal.  Although many anti-virus competitors share some properties, Kaspersky is a performance leader, catching more viruses and malware than its competitors, without slowing down your system. All it takes is one virus to get by and your data could be compromised.
     It is the easiest way of protecting all of your digital devices, requiring only a single license whether PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.  Installation isn't complicated and you are fully protected once installed.  You don’t have to indulge in any complicated post-install procedures, you are simply ready to go.
     Purchase options include one license covering 3, 5 or 10 devices.  Choose the one best for you and your budget.
     Although Kaspersky One is a single license, the software is specially created for each device that it is designed to protect.
·       Protection for your Android tablet
Strong and reliable security is provided for your Android tablet, including anti-theft protection, tracking and remote wipe should your device be lost or stolen.  Scans your device and apps for malware and viruses, and blocks malicious websites, keeping you fully protected when you are using a social networking websites, online shopping or online banking. 
·       Protection for your Smartphone
 Keeps your smart phone secure from viruses, threats and malware.  Scan for mobile viruses, detects and eliminates them from your Smartphone immediately.  Blocks unwanted SMS and calls, and can hide your contacts, texts and calls from unauthorized viewing.  Also includes anti-theft protection, tracking and remote wipe should your device be lost or stolen.  Kaspersky is optimized for minimal impact on battery life.
·       Protection for your Window PC
Kaspersky ONE Universal Security protects Windows PCs, including Windows 8, from threats both knows and unknown by using advanced behavior detection algorithms.  Keeps your PC safe from network intrustions, blocks phishing sites and defeats keyloggers.
·       Protection for your Mac
Friendly Mac-style Interface.  Real-time protection against Mac, PC and Linux malware.  Defeats keyloggers, screen-capture malware and identity thieves.
     Keep your Smartphones, PCs, Android Tablets and Macs safe and protected by using only one simple and flexible solution that is KASPERSKY ONEUNIVERSAL SECURITY.

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