Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Your Own Personal Holodeck

Yes, I'm not kidding, your own holodeck.  It won't have any physical feedback or safety protocols, like in Star Trek, but it will allow you to run around in your own virtual environment for less than you might think.

The system is composed of the Virtual Reality (VR) goggles called Oculus and the Atlas iPhone app.  The Atlas positioning system maps the markers, which you can print at home, using your phone’s accelerometer and gyroscopes to know where your are in the room. When you walk forward your virtual room changes as though you were walking forward in it.  The added bonus to all this that you are interactive.  It could end up being a great alternative to going to the gym.

The beauty of this system will be its estimated $100 price-tag.  Although real-space VR systems have been around for well over a decade, you couldn't get a wide-field-of-view head display with low-latency and head-orientation tracking for under $50,000.  Plus, the positioning systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We’re really living in Year Zero of virtual reality,” Rasmussen giddily tells me. “We’re going to to see more wearable technology become consumer products. As developers work on games, we’ll work on a consumer version that kids can get under their Christmas tree. My vision for the system is something you and some friends bring to a racquetball court, play a high-intensity game for an hour, and get a workout.”

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