Monday, August 19, 2013

Arguing over what to watch can be a thing of the past for you with Samsung's news, and expensive, answer to this age-old problem.

Samsung's new OLED $9,000 TV has a “Multi-view” feature which allows two or more people to watch up to two different programs at the same time. Samsung’s has described it as a “marriage saver”; however, married people with kids know this will be a sibling saver.

Unlike a split-screen or picture-in picture, the set modifies the technology used for 3D, to give viewers, by wearing separate glasses, a completely different image on the screen. Audio from the relevant program is sent wirelessly to the built-in ear-buds

Although that's cool, it’s not actually the main point of the new set.  Rather, it's the OLED technology being used on this 55-inch screen, which means it can be thinner and lighter than an LCD screen and requires no back-lighting.  This allows it to display deep blacks, better contrast while also reducing motion blur.

A new twist to HDTV's is Samsung’s use of a slightly concave screen.  Theory is that widescreen pictures are more suited than 4:3 ratios for the position of your two eyes, while the curved screen works better with the curves on your eyeballs.

Consumer Reports reviews state that the curve makes the picture more immersive, but reduces the ideal viewing angles.  Likewise wall-mounting may be impossible.  Viewing of 3D material also reduces the resolution if either viewer is watching a program using that technology.

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