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Different Types Of Algorithms for Rubik’s Cube

People who are enthusiasts of solving the Rubik S Cube often do so by following Rubik S Cube Algorithms. But let us look at what the Rubik’s cube is. Earlier known as the Magic Cube it is a three dimensional puzzle. It was created by a Hungarian person named Enro Rubik. He was both, an architect and a sculptor. He was a professor at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts where he taught design. The rights to manufacture this puzzle were then given to a company known as Ideal Toy Corp.

Different Types Of Algorithms for Rubik’s Cube

Rubik S Cube Algorithms

While some people consider it to be a toy, others call it a puzzle. It was first created in the year 1974. It won several awards the year it was released. It reached the heights of its popularity in the 1980s. But it still continues to sell in large quantities every year. To give you an idea of it’s popularity, it is the highest selling puzzle game ever produced. Some people also consider it the highest selling toy.

Real enthusiasts who are looking for Rubik S Cube Algorithms say that the reason they are so crazy about the cube is the belief that it makes them smarter. Maybe the fact that it make you think about several different outcomes of a single rotation of the cube stimulates the brain.

Some people also believe that children become smarter if given the cube to play with.

Using the Rubik S Cube Algorithms

Solving one face of the cube is very easy, but solving all six faces needs an entirely different approach. Most people will, however, agree that solving the cube cannot be done one face after another.

This is because the minute you finish one face and move on the next, the face that you finished is all messed up. The most common approach to solving the cube is to do it in layers.

Several people have come up with solutions such as Rubik S Cube Algorithms. An algorithm, in their parlance is a series of moves which give the result that was expected.

Three popular algorithms exist for solving the cube – Thistlethwaite’s algorithm, Kociemba’s Algorithm and Korf’s Algorithm. Kociemba’s Algorithm was an improvement on Thistlethwaite’s algorithm. Korf’s Algorithm was developed by Richard Korf in 1997. He claimed to optimally solve the cube by iterative deepening. With his algorithm he claimed one could solve the cube in 18 moves.

Several other people have also come up with algorithms independently. A quick search on google will give you thousands of websites containing both videos and tutorials on how to solve the cube. But all of them require practice. A common practice is to get the “cross” right at first. This involves getting the central pieces of the same color on all six faces., and then to solve the cube in layers.

Though many notations exist to show the moves required by Rubik S Cube Algorithms, the most common notation is called the Singmaster notation. It was created by a metagrobologist called David Singmaster.

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