Monday, August 19, 2013

How Much Does It Really Cost to Be Batman?

Finally, a comprehensive look at the financial cost of being Batman. Movieclips Trailers analyzed the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, comparing Batman's gear to current market prices, to come up with the price it would take to be the dark knight. The final total won't even make a Haliburton executive blink, is $79,237,480.98. Very affordable for a Billionaire playboy.

Who needs to buy a yacht when you can own the Batwing!  Frankly, the bulk of the millions spent is on that self-flying piece of awesomeness, with the closest thing in real life being the US Marine V-22 Osprey which runs for about $60 million. Cut that out and you have a very reasonable 20 million dollar superhero.

Still, a super-hero knows where to pinch pennies.  It's nice to see that Bruce Wayne makes his own DIY Batarangs. That doesn't cost him more than $45 in sheet metal.

Source: MovieClips, Gizmodo

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